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The language of reaching out to different parts of our consumer base… my working with the EAP team has had a very exciting first six months, the campaign last year focussing on the ‘Goodness to go’ message, starting to raise awareness of how great, packaging free, healthy and portable our British apples are. Working with a range of social media influencers (people with thousands of people who follow their accounts) the Great British Apples message has been successfully placed in front of a new audience. Moving on from the much maligned Millennials we are talking to Generation X – those making decisions for their young family, setting healthy eating habits for more than one lifetime. Generation Y, those who have the potential to reset long term health habits and wellness expectations, those who are eschewing alcohol, possibly meat and dairy too in pursuit a long and healthy life. These are the two audiences who campaign about packaging, waste, want to move away from processed food, who care about where their food comes from; our crucial audience when it comes to growing demand, demanding British top fruit and really crucially those that are engaged in a social agenda along with a healthy one. Might our secret to success lie in a trend for snacks that are under 100 calories, just think of the advantage that apples have, no plastic wrapping.

As an industry we’ve never been that good in enthusing our consumers, I feel never quite aware enough, never quite on message, never quite entertaining and certainly not speaking the language of our key consumers. Perhaps now it is time for us to be a little less bloke about our communication strategies and a little more engaged?

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