Food & provenance
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Food & provenance

For years now this business has traded under the banner that real food is grown not manufactured. This statement came from a city food lecture where a global FMGC leader spent 40 minutes talking to a ‘real food’ audience about how their products were less bad for you than they used to be… with ever increasing levels of obesity, diabetes and auto-immune diseases linked to food intolerance this really is, perhaps, the time for a food revolution? Local procurement, clear traceability in all ingredients (something that Pret a Manger is leading on with their change to full disclosure ingredients labelling), support of the home grown industry.

Not wanting to really spout on about Brexit here but there really is going to be a huge step change in our food in a moment. Will we go ‘no deal’ and end up on WTO terms, will we therefore have a greater volume of USA produced food heading here as promised by the US ambassador? Will there be adequate trade deals in place to bring in the fantastically varied, and cheap, diet that our population has enjoyed for the last 30 years?

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