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Being prepared for Christmas
Do not fear, this is not an exposition on the need for hospital corners on your presents, not does it worship Saints Delia, Nigella, Mary or Kirsty… There is nothing worse than the imposed pressure of cooking lunch for a mother or two, a picky Aunt and a gaggle of sticky children.
1. How much will they actually eat…
Vegetables – 80g is one portion (for 5 a day counting purposes) 340g of veg each
Roast potatoes – 225g (3) each
2 stuffing balls
2 pigs in blankets
Turkey – 150g/adult
2. Order it locally – go to a farm shop (Hartley, Lower Ladysden, Charity farm..) they know where everything comes from. Order the turkey now, along with stuffing, pigs in blankets, cheese and everything for the feast – a good farm shop will have a list that covers everything and you can collect your food for Christmas a couple of days in advance with no travelling or hassle!
3. Make in advance & freeze – Carrots (with ginger or marmalade), Parsnips (with parmesan or honey), red cabbage (Delia’s recipe is the best), stuffing, bread sauce and gravy. These can all be cooked and frozen then reheated on the day.
4. Sprouts – peel and prepare the night before and keep in a bag in the fridge.. try them shredded cooked in cheese sauce and bacon so they don’t taste like sprouts…
5. Leftovers – oh the best bit! Bubble and squeak on Boxing day morning, Sandwiches with a cheeky cold sausage watching tv on Christmas night, a turkey and ham pie, curry (a jar of sauce and an onion is all that is required) or just cold with cheese, pickles and a little salad.. joyous

Happy Christmas, may it be merry, stress free and lots of fun

First produced for Parish Cake December 2019

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